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Stringer Parquet and wooden flooring Wooden walls, ceilings, wood floors Furniture, bar counters, wooden products


Polyurethane varnish for parquet, stringboards, wood panelling, bar desks, furniture. Matt and highly glossy.

Profilak is designed for top transparent varnishing of parquet, stringboards, furniture and wood products such as doors, shutters, wall panelling, ceilings and other applications in the interior, and for undemanding applications in the exterior (wood is not exposed to direct weather effects).

It is applied by a brush, roller or spraying on a dry, clean surface area. Parquet may neither be waxed prior to varnishing, nor contain remains of wax. Old coat needs to be ground off fully. The first coat is applied by varnish diluted by 10% of the thinner Profilak. After 6-8 hours, the coat is ground by an abrasive paper number 180-220, and upon removal of the grinding dust, the coat is applied 2 times by the undiluted varnish. Intervals between coatings are min. 6 hrs at the room temperature. The time between coatings must not exceed 24 hrs. The varnish consumption is 10-12 m2/kg. It is possible to load the floor with furniture after 3 days.

10-12 m2 / 1 liter 0,7l, 2,5l, 5l
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