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Oil for stone
Oil for stone


Oil for stone

Natural oil inlet on the stone, which can be used indoors or outdoors. Due to its unique formula penetrates deep into the stone and protects it from weather influences.


oil consists of a mixture of modified natural oils dissolved in natural and synthetic solvents.

  • stone protects against the elements
  • maintains a "live" look of stone without the use of paint
  • Enhances stone structure
  • creates a hydrophobic surface
  • treated surface remains natural with fine-brown spot

Oil Natur Apply on clean and dry surface free of grease, dirt and dust. Mix it properly and apply the brush, roller or cloth. After about 20 minutes the oil nevsiaknutý wipe with a dry cloth. If the stone is possible high absorbency If a second coating, which apply the first 6 hours.


work at temperatures between 8 ° C to 30 ° C and not dilute it, it is ready for use. After working tools Thinner S-6006th

Be careful to avoid spontaneous combustion of used rags, so do not store them in a sealed container!

Consumption Package
20 m2 / 1 kg / layer 1 0.5 l, larger upon request
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