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Stringer Parquet and wooden flooring Wooden walls, ceilings, wood floors Toys and childrens furniture Furniture, bar counters, wooden products


Water-based acrylic-urethane varnish for toys, parquet, stringboards and furniture in the interior. Matt and glossy.

Lignolak is designed for transparent coating of wood, wood floors, parquet, stringboards, wood-fibre boards and furniture in the interior. Lignolak is suitable for application on toys and child furniture pursuant to STN EN 71/3. The varnish was tested for anti-slipperiness as per STN 74 4507.

Lignolak is applied by a brush, roller or spraying on a dry, clean surface area. Parquet may neither be waxed prior to varnishing, nor contain remains of wax. Old coat needs to be ground off fully. The first coat is applied diluted by 10% of water. Upon drying at the room temperature after 5 hrs, the surface is ground lightly and the grinding dust is removed. The second and third coat is applied undiluted in 5-hour intervals. It is possible to walk on the floor after 24 hrs from the last coating. It is possible to load the floor with furniture again after 7 days.

10-12 m2 / 1 liter 0,7l, 3l, 5l a 10l
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