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Effective prevention of pests! The long-term prevention of wood before the insects damages (fúzač krovový and others), and fungi which cause the damage and the change of color (dry rot and other). One litre of FUNGONIT is enough to prevent 60m2 of surface with just 1 layer of the preparation! This one coat of FUNGONIT is in sufficient concentrations to make the surface of the wood completely water and rain resistant , but also resistant against insects, mould and fungi.

How does Fungonit work?

New FUNGONIT, the protective preparation for the wood, is designed for surface protection of wood, wooden constructions, roofs, building elements and wooden parts in interior and exterior. I tis also designed to preserve characteristics of the basis with the preventive effect against insects damages, with an extension of durability, and the protective effect against rot Basidiomycetes. The preparation is not wood wash.

Fungonit is proudly made in Slovakia.


Before the application, wood must be cleaned, stripped of its bark, sawdust and wood grease. The preparation can be applied by painting, brushing and steeping. Interior (class 1-2): dilution with water 1:5, spraying 1-2 times, steeping 30 min Exterior (class 3): dilution with water: 1: 5, spraying 2 times, steeping 24 hours

10-12 m2 / 1 liter 1l, 5l, 10l, 20l

Color: transparent, green, red-brown

Use biocides safely. Be sure to read the data on the label and product information.

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